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Yoshimitsu Tanto (義密短刀)  Previous Item Next Item Get Item Price

Yoshimitsu, of the Edo period, was regarded as one of the three greatest swordsmiths of Japanese history, but his tantos are revered as the best. In Japanese society, gift giving was an integral part of proper etiquette and rewards for service were usually bladed weapons. For the Tokugawa family, blades by Yoshimitsu and his descendants were thought to be extremely auspicious. The Yoshimitsu Tanto is made to honor this great smith by replicating one of his surviving blades. The forged T10 high-carbon blade, with its distinctive temper line (hamon), is superb. The tsuka is ray skin (same) wrapped and the kashira and kurikata are of buffalo horn. The kozuka and the menuki are decorated in the hollyhock crest (mon) of the Tokugawa family. The deeply lacquered scabbard with a Japanese cotton sageo complete this magnificent piece.

  • Hanwei Forge Paul Chen Tanto
  • Replica of a tanto made by the smith Yoshimitsu
  • 10" forged T10 hi-carbon steel blade
  • Double decorative grooves
  • Real same' (ray skin) handle
  • Buffalo horn fittings
  • Kurikata (utility knife) fits into saya (sheath)
  • Decorated with the Tokugawa family crest
  • Black lacquer saya
  • Cotton segeo cord
  • Differentially tempered
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